71 Stockenstrom St, Worcester, South Africa, 6850


When my grandfather found this land in 1954, he saw an amazing sight: an oak tree and an ash tree growing from a shared trunk. But what he also saw was a message from the earth, promising that from this rich soil in the Swartland, wonders would grow. He called it Beloftebos: Tree of Promise.

This charming concept behind the new Beloftebos wine range is as unique as it is authentic. The range comprises two exceptional blends: the crisp and fruity Beloftebos Chenin Blanc-Grenache Blanc and the smooth yet complex Beloftebos Shiraz-Grenache Noir. The wines are all grown and made in the Swartland Wine Region and apart from the Beloftebos promise of outstanding quality, the range features green packaging, and perhaps most importantly, pledges to be vegan-friendly. This means that the wines are fined with clay-based instead of the traditional animal-derived agents and thus will appeal to the ever-growing number of vegan wine lovers.

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