71 Stockenstrom St, Worcester, South Africa, 6850

About Us

At Overhex, we do things a little differently.

Founded in 2007 and situated in the town of Worcester in the Western Cape, our principal focus is on quality and adaptability. From humble beginnings, the Overhex Group has grown from strength to strength and is now proudly the eighth largest exporter of South African wines.

Overhex Wines International prides itself on having a market driven approach, which drives our innovative team in pursuing and responding to global wine trends. The ability to select our grapes from a wide variety of top vineyards from all over the Cape Winelands results not only in a kaleidoscope of flavours, but also allows for a freedom of style seldom found in conventional wine portfolios.

The building of our core brands, Balance, Mensa and Survivor, is of the utmost importance to us, yet our resourceful marketing team also invests a significant amount of time in creative and flexible offerings for our clients. We strive to offer products that differ from the norm, and are attractive and exciting to our global and local target markets.

We are a proudly South African company.