The Mooring 
Is a range of blends that are as romantic, adventurous and textured as the Cape of Storms itself.

They are inspired by the fearlessness of explorers of old, and by the power of the wild ocean waves where the waters of the Indian and Atlantic oceans clash endlessly.

Each label pays homage to the story of a ship that never made the mooring it was destined for as the Cape of Storms claimed it forever. In the background, the spectral vision of the Flying Dutchman is ever-present as a grim reminder that our Cape is as dangerous as she is beautiful.

Birkenhead – Sauvignon Blanc

Waratah – Syrah Grenache

The journey

Sourced from Coastal Region vineyards along South Africa’s Cape of Storms, The Mooring ranges are paired perfectly with appetizers and seafaring tales. The Mooring Syrah Grenache is a symphony of spice and notes of berry, making it the ideal partner to a carpaccio plate, while The Mooring Sauvignon Blanc’s crisp acidity and minerality balances well with a sampling of artichoke and asparagus on a warm Friday weekday evening.