Cape Zebra

Celebrate the beauty of nature and the survival of one of the world’s rarest, most graceful mammals with these elegant, flavourful wines. Historically confined to the mountain ranges of the Cape, the Cape Mountain Zebra faced a very real threat of extinction in the 1950’s when the estimated total number dropped only to 91. Today thanks to dedicated conservation efforts, the herds are gradually growing.

Haven Point

Whichever way the wind turns and however rough the seas – Haven Point offers a refuge, a tranquil shelter against the storms with the majestic Table Mountain as our beacon.

In the midst of life’s stresses and strains, pause and pour a glass of Haven Point, sip it slowly and be transported to an idyllic sanctuary of peace and quiet.

The Mind Map

Your mind will map your journey through South Africa, but the best bit is that your Mind Map will be stored forever after. The stories will last a lifetime and every sip of sun drenched South African wine will lead you on a journey of discovery.

Mensa Wines 

Mensa is our resident tall tale spinner. She was given her nickname by her grandfather, and spent much of her childhood behind a book, her imagination whisking her off to distant lands and magical cities.

Our Mensa range was inspired by her. We created wines that bring out the storyteller in everyone.

Live a great story with Mensa.